Sunday, December 20, 2009

Apple Pie

I know that it's been a long time since I (or Ashley, uh hum) posted. Way back in July, I made an apple pie with Margaret. This was my first apple pie since I made my very first apple pie when I was 10 years old in England on my aunt's farm--so in other words, my only-second apple pie.

Of course, I do not have the recipe on hand, so I will have to get Margaret to post it. But I do want to say that it was delicious, especially with vanilla bean ice cream. A homemade pie just beats out anything store bought. And having it warm from the oven makes it so much more satisfying than a cold slice you get in a cafe. The dough was homemade too, although Margaret had made a batch beforehand, froze it, and then thawed it for this particular pie. (A nice idea.)

Anyway, enjoy the photo. Recipe to come soon!

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