Sunday, March 21, 2010

Sustainable Fish

As I mentioned in my last post on chicken, I've been concerned lately about the seafood I eat. Overfishing has caused a huge depletion of fish species, environmental destruction, and harms other sea life, such as turtles, dolphins, crabs, and many other critters. Not to mention mercury poisoning! Unfortunately, I eat a good amount of fish (3-4 times a week); so what's a pescatarian to do?

While planning a weekend trip to Monterey, I came across the Monterey Bay Aquarium's Seafood Watch Guide. This guide is awesome because it lists fish that are best to eat, others that are good alternatives, and those that should be avoided. You can choose your guide according to where you live: I'm definitely no longer eating any fish on the avoid (red) list and hope to eat off of the yellow list only a few times a year (if at all). They also have a guide to use for sushi dining. Both guides can be downloaded to your phone as well.

I further recommend using their seafood search, where you can look up reports for each species of fish. I found this helpful for looking up tuna, since there are different types that often go by different names (Ahi, for instance, can be used to refer to Bigeye or Yellowfin tuna).

Here are some photos of fish dinners I've made with such sustainable fish:

Rainbow U.S. Farmed Trout with potatoes, mushrooms and onion. Yum. Trout is also usually cheap and easy to cook.

To be honest, I forgot which fish this was, but I believe it was wild Mahi Mahi. Troll/line caught U.S. Mahi Mahi is a Best Choice and longline caught U.S. Mahi Mahi is a Good Alternative.

Wild Tuna Steak. Can you tell that I love pairing fish with bok choy with rice?

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