Saturday, May 9, 2009


Have you ever been so hungry that you settled for a fast food meal purely based on convenience? Well, not so long ago, that used to be me. Even if after eating my cheap meal I felt full, I didn't feel happy or healthy. Since my "aha moment," I really pay attention to what I eat and I try to make the right choices. For me, this starts with removing temptation by having the right foods at home.

But wait! Does something sound strange? Isn't dieting much easier? Well, this is the main reason Rachel and I started this blog. We love food but HATE diets. It never works. To us, DIET is a forbidden four-letter word.

We're young and adventurous. So come along with us while we...cover your ears, mom! with our food! Let's have a party!

<3 ashley

p.s. My favorite food is cheese! What's yours??

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