Wednesday, May 20, 2009

my lunch is missing something

Rachel and I have been friends since freshman year of high school where we attended Mayfield Senior School, an all-girls school in Pasadena, CA. In fact, (and I may be wrong here....) my earliest memory of Rachel is having lunch together on our school's terrace. Over our four years there, our group of friends owned that lunch spot on the terrace. Nobody else dared to sit there!

These lunch hours together were some of the best times of high school. Our school didn't have a cafeteria or anything like that so we all brought our lunch from home. It was always exciting to see what everyone had packed in their lunch. Now fast forwarding to today, I'm sitting here in my windowless office at my new job in Culver City (still "working"....I promise!), eating my homemade lunch reminiscing about those old times. Lunch just has never been the same! Sure, the food I've packed is wholesome and delicious but I'm left yearning for more.

And I know just what is missing...that pinch of friendship!

the girls on graduation day....minus mary!

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  1. Aww I miss our lunches too! I remember I used to really look forward to them during a boring class.