Friday, May 15, 2009

Dinner Party!

So I had this awesome dinner party on Tuesday night. We made vegetable curry with brown rice, plus some salad and two bottles of wine. Thanks to Margaret who not only helped with the shopping, but also took over the cooking. She really made the curry super delicious! Connie brought the rice, which was really tender for brown rice (she said she used a special rice cooker...hmm), as well as the Napa salad from Amanda's in Berkeley. And Jeremy, well, he washed the wine glasses and poured wine, haha. See these cute photos?

This one is with our mood lighting haha.

This one is with flash. Sorry Connie looks a little drunk. She wasn't though. Oh, and I cannot forget we had cherries, blackberries, and chocolate-hazelnut sorbet for dessert. So good? Margaret, what was the name of the ice cream brand? Anyway, I recommend a vegetable curry if anyone's looking for a good dinner. Even Jeremy, who loves meat, liked it. I'll end with a two more photos.
connie & margaret

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